What is dealcritic?

There are a lot of "special offers" out there, but how can you really be sure that any particular offer is a good deal? Dealcritic was created so solve that problem. Dealcritic not only reports the latest deals available, but helps people discover the good deals based on the opinions of those who know best: fellow consumers.

Dealcritic is a social bookmarking site for deals combined with community voting to make the good deals float to the top and the bad deals sink to the bottom.

Dealcritic's goal is not necessarily to give consumers the lowest price available for a particular product (every deal on dealcritic is good), but insight into the best deals in terms of value for your money for many products.

In other words, it's not about price comparison, which you can find anywhere, but deal comparison, which you can only find here.

How dealcritic works

Dealcritic is updated constantly with new deals on a variety of products and services. Those deals are then rated by users with knowledge about the value for price of those products and services.

Say, for instance, you recently purchased a great digital camera, and you see the same camera on dealcritic for less than what you paid. Do your fellow consumers a favor and vote favorably on the deal by clicking the + button. Or, if dealcritic lists a "bargain-priced" camera that you happen to know is a piece of junk (at any price), give the deal a -1 by clicking the - button.

Another example... let's say that you see a 19" LCD on dealcritic for a really low price. But then you notice that it doesn't have DVI, it has 25ms response time and is rather ugly. Suddenly, to you, that low price isn't such a great deal after all. Click the - button. But, then you see another 19" LCD that looks pretty nice, has the DVI and the 8ms response time you were looking for, and has a competitive price (though not lower than the other 19" LCD). If, to you, that's the better deal, vote + to let others know.

In January, 2006 we invented social ranking of deals. Then we got copied by everyone, even though we've never been sure of the whole voting model. Well, in 2007 we decided to change the game again and move away from the digg model, mostly because it doesn't work. It's very easy to game (a fact that is well documented across the web), and as a result we pulled the plug on it. Now we're going with a much more dynamic and fun model, both for our site and for our news, that we'd been thinking of using for a long time but finally were inspired to follow through with when we saw buzzfeed doing it. We believe this type of model will work much better for our users than the 'democratic' model you can still find on digg. We feel our new model is not only democratic, but also much more receptive to trends.

It's that simple. The best deals rise to the top, making it easy for everyone to find the true "steals."

Where we get the deals

The deals that you see on dealcritic come from many sources, including well known deal sites like Amazon, dealnews, NewEgg, and woot.

But, the most important ones come from you. Any registered user on dealcritic can share a deal they've found with other users. If other users agree with your deal, they'll probably vote for it. Post a crappy deal and people will probably vote against it. It's that simple.

Who are the "critics?"


Mission/or why dealcritic exists:

To create and foster a collaborative environment in which we can all easily find the very best deals available on the internet.